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Our 48 Hour Film Low-Down

We had a load of fun participating as a new film-making team for the D.C. 48 Hour Horror Film Project.

Out of the 2 sub-genres we chose Cannibalism and produced a short film titled RARE.

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Synopsis: Seliyah, the CEO of a local business is hosting a cocktail party for her birthday. Everyone at party is in the business leadership and is a cannibal who have been inducted into her culinary palate. Newcommer to the business Carmen, who is hoping for a promotion, has been invited to be initaited into the ways of the business with the big wigs. But to be brought into the fold she must kill the main course with her wife Marie. But Marie has doubts about killing her live food. Carmen and Marie reach a boiling point in their relationship as they confront the steaks of their life and death task. This decision about what it means to be human and o be food is a turning point in their relationship, alters their lives forever.

  • To watch it click here
  • To see our trailer click here
  • To check out our behind the scenes video, click here.

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