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CALL TO (ACT)ION: National UBU ROI Bake-Off

We are excited to announce that we are paricipating in the National UBU ROI Bake-Off: a 48 hour playwriting and stage reading event based on a quickly written exercise, with required elements (or ingredients) on the assigned theme. The theme is inspired by the show Ubu Roi is “an inglorious slop-pail of a play” by Alfred Jarry. This event is a part of  a “…national grassroots movement [started by playwright Paula Vogel] to respond to our global crisis.”

  • We will be producing 8 stage readings of these short bake-off plays on:

  • This is a call for plays, actors, and audience/community members to attend and participate.

Ways to participate:

  • Writing: Please note all plays must be written within 48 hours and authors cannot start until
    Saturday, February 17 at 7pm.

    • We will to read the first 8 plays we receive that include all the required Bake-Off Ingredients. We will also announce once we received 8 plays. The # 8 was chosen to “play” off the years of 2 consecutive presidential terms. Email submissions to 
    • Please, no more than (8) characters to ensure we have enough people to read your play. Depending on the # of actors who volunteer that day, roles may be doubled.
    • Also, please include all required components/characters (ingredients in your play.)
    • We encourage everyone, not just playwrights, to write a play. This is a great opportunity for community members to participate.
  • Acting: Email us know if you’d like to act. All casting will happen on the spot for a blind reading that we will record live.
  • Creating Art: Anyone can submit. If you would like to make posters or other art that:
    • Protest Pa Ubu 45 <– required character or
    • Posters protesting protesters of Pa Ubu 45.
    • Think Innauguration /Women’s March Protest type posters or any other ideas you have.
    • We’d love to take photos of submitted art the day of the event and use them as potential props/backdrop for the reading.
    • Feel free to bring your art with you or send us a digital copy of them.
      ALL artists will be credited for their creations.
  • Being there: I just want to come: GREAT! We cannot wait to see you.
  • Please visit this link for more details:

    More about: What is a Bake-Off?

    A bake-off is a quickly written exercise on an assigned theme with assigned elements that folks do within a 48 hour period of time. It is a reaction to plays and works of art that are responding to another writer or artist, preferably centuries apart; the bake-off continues this conversation.  Usually, bake-offs have a group participating: when the 48 hour time period is up, the group gathers and reads the bake-offs. I usually offer a play and articles or films on the bake-off topic online. Participants are free to add their own research to the group: music, art, graphics, comic books, films, essays, etc.!


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