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Feb. 19 – CALL TO (ACT)ION: National UBU ROI Bake-Off

We are excited to announce that we are paricipating in the National UBU ROI Bake-Off: a 48 hour playwriting and stage reading event based on a quickly written exercise, with required elements (or ingredients) on the assigned theme. The theme is inspired by the show Ubu Roi is “an inglorious slop-pail of a play” by Alfred Jarry. This event is a part of  a “…national grassroots movement [started by playwright Paula Vogel] to respond to our global crisis.”

  • We will be producing 8 stage readings of these short bake-off plays on:

  • This is a call for plays, actors, and audience/community members to attend and participate.

Ways to participate:

  • Writing: Please note all plays must be written within 48 hours and authors cannot start until
    Saturday, February 17 at 7pm.

    • We will to read the first 8 plays we receive that include all the required Bake-Off Ingredients. We will also announce once we received 8 plays. The # 8 was chosen to “play” off the years of 2 consecutive presidential terms. Email submissions to 
    • Please, no more than (8) characters to ensure we have enough people to read your play. Depending on the # of actors who volunteer that day, roles may be doubled.
    • Also, please include all required components/characters (ingredients in your play.)
    • We encourage everyone, not just playwrights, to write a play. This is a great opportunity for community members to participate.
  • Acting: Email us know if you’d like to act. All casting will happen on the spot for a blind reading that we will record live.
  • Creating Art: Anyone can submit. If you would like to make posters or other art that:
    • Protest Pa Ubu 45 <– required character or
    • Posters protesting protesters of Pa Ubu 45.
    • Think Innauguration /Women’s March Protest type posters or any other ideas you have.
    • We’d love to take photos of submitted art the day of the event and use them as potential props/backdrop for the reading.
    • Feel free to bring your art with you or send us a digital copy of them.
      ALL artists will be credited for their creations.
  • Being there: I just want to come: GREAT! We cannot wait to see you.
  • Please visit this link for more details:

    More about: What is a Bake-Off?

    A bake-off is a quickly written exercise on an assigned theme with assigned elements that folks do within a 48 hour period of time. It is a reaction to plays and works of art that are responding to another writer or artist, preferably centuries apart; the bake-off continues this conversation.  Usually, bake-offs have a group participating: when the 48 hour time period is up, the group gathers and reads the bake-offs. I usually offer a play and articles or films on the bake-off topic online. Participants are free to add their own research to the group: music, art, graphics, comic books, films, essays, etc.!

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Summer Breeze Round-up

Hey World!

TMD Theater has had an awesome and BUSSSSY summer.

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  • We recorded our first ever radio plays — click here to listen
  • We has a blast workshopping new plays & musicals at the Kennedy Center’s Page to Stage Festival (see photos above)
    • Thank you soooo much to all the artists who helped make these performances possible!!! 🙂
  • We introduced ourselves to Baltimore through Liberated Muse‘s C3: Creative Creatives Creating
  • We transitionined into Autumn via a listening party of our summer campfire radio plays
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Preview: Women Playwrights Set to Take Page-to-Stage by Storm

We are featured in the DC Metro Theater Arts Preview Aricle too among other AMAZING theater and musical companies, groups, and playwrights presenting shows at the Kennedy Center’s #PageToStage Festival this Labor Day Weekend.  DC Metro Theater Arts (DCMTA) is a theater site that writes reviews, interviews, and articles about professional, community, university, school, and children’s theatre in the DC Metro area.

Featured groups include: Open Stage, Liberated Muse, The Coil Project, Wednesday Verses, The Welders, Naked Theater Company, Theatre Prometheus, and Woolly Mammoth Theater Company.

Aricle Excerpt: Click HERE for more 🙂

Want to see some really cool plays with women at the helm of the production? We’ve got great news for you! Women playwrights and women-led theater companies are ready to entertain you at the Kennedy Center’s 16th Annual Page-to-Stage New Works Festival September 2 – 4. This year women’s works span the spectrum from dramas to comedies to musicals to competitions. All shows are free. These talented women are modern muses who are more than just the inspiration for shows, they’re the whole theater package – writers, directors, actors, set and costume designers, and producers galore. Here’s a quick guide to a few amazing performances you won’t want to miss. Please come and #StickAround the festival with us! You won’t regret it!

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Collection of Marketa’s Creative Mojo

19029223_1033388493464603_7085931169925909218_nOne of our Fearless Leaders, Marketa is always jotting down beautiful words and mini-expressions of art and inner musings, like a shot of expresso, but for creativity. So here is some of her magic.

  •   Life is like a series of lessons, with many roads to take. Never get mad when you take the wrong one because the cool thing is there is always a reason that you were on it.

  •  Peace is rare. When you have it cherish it.

  •   Theater is the perfect outlet to me. Gives people a chance to be, say, and do things that they never would. Be bold, make choices and be unapologetic.

  • What moves you? As humans is always in search of purpose. All souls are all connected by the need to move forward. You’re more than just flesh and bone. Stay inspired.