In The Works

Immigration Bake-Off 2019 — click here for more details
— Feb. 22 – 24, 2019

Summer 2019 – Magical Realism Play – “Would You Rather…”
–> Details TBA

Weekly syndacation of our first web series “Confessions of a Sexually Frustrated Fairy” – Youtube each Thursday starting Feb. 7, 2019.

First feature length film and Short Films: TBA; we already had a blast with the Oct. 2018 48 Hour Horror Film Project – “GIGAS“; now we’re hooked.

Theater Podcasts

  • Next series TBA.
  • In Oct. 2017 we produced 3 new Halloween Radio Plays.
  • In July 2017 we recorded 3 new radio plays all under the theme of spooky summer campfire stories. Click here for more information.

Projects in long-term Development

We will take on human nature while making you laugh, cry and all the great things in between. In our season of  tilted “Twists and Turns,” our shows will explore the motives that decide our fates and the experiences that lead us there. How do we lead our lives? What roles do we play and allow ourselves to play in order to reach our goals?

“Time Stops” by Marketa Nicholson

  • A piece that explores the many shades of love. Whether it is love of shelf, a partner, a friend, a family member,  or a job we all have that thing that we give completely of ourselves for. This show is a series of short scenes and monologues that beg the question what are you willing to do for love and what are you okay with giving up?

“Run Away With Me” by Tuesday Barnes

  • A play that journeys through the lives of two cousins that are fighting to understand their place and purpose. Devin is a 28 year old who works in a sanitation plant that he hates and comes home to a baby that he had with a girl he met on Tinder. He is working to navigate life as a father, dreamer and black man that doesn’t want to carry the weight of those identities.

“Private Dicks – A New Film Noir Genred Musical” by Dara Gold

  • Trench coats, black and white, but the plot lines grey; burn all your morals today. Enjoy theatrical film nor with a modern twist. We have rivalry, battle of the genders, ulterior motives, the mob, detectives, and the femme fatale. Private Investigator Veena Banana is fed up about being the best and getting no recognition because the Private Dick field is a boy’s world. She gets on a BIG case to recover a stolen valuable alcoholic gummy bear; the candyman’s rep is at stake!