Podcast (Radio) Dramas

Halloween Radio Plays

Witch’s Tale by Marketa Nicholson

That SH*T by Dara Gold

Dust to Dust by Tuesday Barnes


This summer we will created campfire stories via our podcast performances. Gather round a fire or a laptop or your phone with your friends, sit back, relax, and enjoy some theater. (S’mores are optional.)

We have a spectacular ensemble of actors:
Tuesday Barnes, Marshall Bradshaw, Keith Crosby, Dara Gold, Joland Hammlett, Latoya Lewis, Muslima Musawwir, Marketa Nicholson, and Clancey Yovanovich


We are presenting 3 NEW summer campfire worthy spooky stories:

Out of Eden By Marketa Nicholson

Vibrations By Dara Gold

Shadow Man By Tuesday Barnes