Sharing Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Graphic 2

Share with your friends, family, pets, frenemies, long lost twin, teachers, nieces, nephews, neighbors, anyone and everyone! If you shared already, please share again. be sure to tag us so we know you helped spread the good times.

For sharing/making/tagging us (so we know you shared) posts about our show we added the people below to our
Hall of Fame List, HERE on our website and made the fun graphic above.
  • Tazz Back
  • Khadijah Ali-Coleman
  • Emily Canavan
  • Kelly Canavan
  • Kitty Templeton
  • Diane Penner-Gold
  • Ty Black
  • Next Day Theater
  • Jemel Fleming
  • Alex Wiggins
  • Colette Fuller
  • Montavia Johnson
  • Frederick Rogers
  • Elizabeth Colandene
  • Max Garner
  • Yani Ann Richards
  • Merancia Noelsaint
  • Liz Clendenin
  • Khadijah Ali-Coleman (Has an awesome theater group – Liberated Muse)
  • Diane Gold
  • Zach Gold
  • Tia Bassett
  • Hexagon Theatre
  • Has.No.Name.Theatre
  • A Creative DC
  • Capital Fringe Festival
  • Mara Sherman
  • Nicole Summons
  • Three Muses
  • Guillotine Theater
  • Kate Robard
  • Derek Hills
  • Vitaly Mayes
  • Aubri O’Connor
  • Harvey Fitz

And of course!

  • Word Dance Theater and
  • The Coil Project
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