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Haiku Crew



From Shakespeare Memes Facebook Page

So during, National Haiku Writing Month, a group of friends and I started writing haikus back to back about each other and it ended up beling hilarious, especially as inside jokes got hidden in the depths.  But they can be a good time even with general jokes and laugh out loud humor with topics from dating to dog, but not dating dog, so no worries. Haikus used to be confusing to me, but I’ve now developed a greater appreication. There’s a magical joy and wit to them. Based on this experience, I thought it’d be fun to have a Haiku Crew blog post thread. So if you wanna haiku, please haiku away! We can even have themes to just stream haikus back to back.
And, I’m not gonna lie they became more addicting than I expected. At least it’s a healthy one….
(lol, please refer to the meme photo )
How to Write a Haiku
It’s all about the syllables.  Here’s the syllable breakdown:
Here are 2 haikus to kick things off:
The Beginning
Finding ways to make
Thoughts travel to paper and
Not disappearing
Coffee kissing my
Lips and sensitive buds, ahhh
Down and dirty bliss 

~~ Dara